Maternity Care at Piedmont Mountainside

At Piedmont Mountainside Hospital we offer Maternity Services, which has been ranked the highest in the Piedmont Healthcare System in patient satisfaction.

How did we achieve this success? By offering the best patient centered care in our area.  We have top-notch nursing staff who have expertise in Labor and Delivery, Newborn Care & Mother/Baby Care.

For comfort measures, we have a bubble jetted tub for hydrotherapy in labor, peanut balls available for positioning and labor epidurals for our moms who desire one. We have a Certified Lactation Consultant on staff who offers inpatient and outpatient support for our breastfeeding moms.

Piedmont Mountainside Hospital offers tours, prenatal classes and prepared childbirth classes. All are free of charge. We believe in keeping moms and babies together as much as possible. We achieve this by promoting the following care that supports best practice:

  • Skin to skin contact with the mom and baby immediately after birth for an hour or longer, as circumstances permit.
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Rooming in
  • Gentle Cesarean Births offer the option of using a clear drape during the birth of the infant, and skin to skin contact in the operating room until the mother is returned to her room post-operatively, as circumstances permit.


Maternity Classes

Piedmont Healthcare offers a variety of maternity and educational classes throughout metro Atlanta and surrounding counties.

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Maternity Tours

Our tour provides expectant families with an opportunity to visit our maternity center, including Labor and Delivery and Family Care Center (mother/baby unit). Information will be provided about the admission process and questions will be answered. Tours are currently available during childbirth classes.

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Resource Contacts

  • Hospital: 706-692-2441
  • Birth Certificate Information: 706-301-5503
  • Business Office: 706-301-5370
  • Childbirth Classes: 706-301-5246
  • Health Department (Gilmer County): 706-635-4363
  • Health Department (Pickens County): 706-253-2821
  • Lactation Services: 706-301-5246
  • Poison Control Center: 404-616-9000
  • Social Worker: 706-301-5391
  • WIC (Gilmer County): 866-942-9675
  • WIC (Pickens County): 866-942-9675
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