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Pregnancy Checklist by Trimester


During Your First Trimester

  • Begin or continue taking prenatal vitamins
  • Begin to read pregnancy books or sign-up for weekly pregnancy newsletters
  • Sign up for classes, such as prenatal, childbirth and/or breastfeeding classes

During Your Second Trimester

  • Sign up to tour Piedmont’s Maternity Center
  • Research child care options if applicable
  • Begin to prepare your nursery
  • Research maternity leave options and required paperwork with your employer if applicable

During Your Third Trimester

  • Develop a birth plan with your provider
  • Select a pediatrician by scheduling prenatal consults/interviews
  • Pre-register for your hospital stay
  • Finish your nursery & purchase baby essentials
  • Install your car seat

Two Weeks Before Your Due Date

Select A Name for Your Baby
Print and complete the Birth Certificate Worksheet and bring it with you when you are admitted to deliver your baby.  You can also email the completed form to  If you have any questions please call 706-475-3041.

Download the worksheet

Pack Your Hospital Bag

Your bag may include the following items:

  • Any pre-registration forms
  • Health insurance card
  • Nightgown / bathrobe
  • Non-skid slippers
  • Support or nursing bras
  • Toiletries / makeup
  • Baby clothes for going home
  • Telephone numbers, addresses and birth announcements for spreading the good news
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