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Pregnancy Checklist by Trimester


During Your First Trimester

  • Begin or continue taking prenatal vitamins
  • Begin to read pregnancy books or sign-up for weekly pregnancy newsletters
  • Sign up for classes, such as prenatal, childbirth and/or breastfeeding classes

During Your Second Trimester

  • Sign up to tour Piedmont’s Maternity Center
  • Research child care options if applicable
  • Begin to prepare your nursery
  • Research maternity leave options and required paperwork with your employer if applicable

During Your Third Trimester

  • Develop a birth plan with your provider
  • Select a pediatrician by scheduling prenatal consults/interviews
  • Pre-register for your hospital stay
  • Finish your nursery & purchase baby essentials
  • Install your car seat

Two Weeks Before Your Due Date

  • Select a name for your baby
  • Pack your hospital bag, which may include the following items:
    • Any pre-registration forms
    • Health insurance card
    • Nightgown / bathrobe
    • Non-skid slippers
    • Support or nursing bras
    • Toiletries / makeup
    • Baby clothes for going home
    • Telephone numbers, addresses and birth announcements for spreading the good news
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