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Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens

Injury and illness don’t fit conveniently into a regular schedule – but that shouldn’t keep you from getting the care you need. At Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens, you can get great same-day care right around the corner. That’s the convenience of Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens.

What services does Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens offer?

Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens locations offer convenient:

  • Prevention and wellness services
  • Treatment of minor illness and injuries
  • Monitoring of ongoing health conditions

Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens treats:

  • Minor illnesses, aches and pains
  • Minor injuries
  • Skin conditions
  • Vaccinations
  • Sports and camp physicals
  • Monitoring and management of ongoing health conditions, medications, and treatments    


What are Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens’ hours of operation?

Most Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens locations are open seven days a week, including holidays, with extended and weekend hours.


What type of insurance does Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens accept?

Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens accepts most insurance plans and offers competitive self-pay rates.


Do I need an appointment for Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens locations?

For priority service, make an appointment online.


What do I need to bring to my Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens appointment?

You should bring the following items to your appointment:

  • Valid ID
  • Insurance card
  • Form of payment, which is required at the time of service

Without these necessary documents, your visit will be rescheduled.


When should I arrive for my scheduled appointment at a Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens clinic?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your selected registration time, as arriving late may delay your priority status. If you arrive 5 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, we will make every effort to accommodate you. We regret that we may have to reschedule.


What types of payments does Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens accept?

Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens accepts:

  • Most major credit cards
  • Personal checks that represent the exact amount for services
  • Cash

Do I need to bring additional paperwork to appointments for sports/camp physicals at Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens?

To streamline the check-in process for sports/camp physical appointments, please bring completed administrative forms with you. For high school pre-participation physical evaluations, download and fill out the Georgia High School Association Pre-Participation Physical Form prior to your visit.

Are prescription refills available at Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens?

Providers do not refill prescriptions without a patient visit. Please make an appointment for necessary prescription refills.

Are Walgreens Healthcare Clinic vouchers accepted at Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens?

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic vouchers are not accepted at Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens locations.

How will I receive test results from my visit to Piedmont QuickCare at Walgreens?

If you had diagnostic or other tests performed during your visit, please schedule a return visit to review results.


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STOP! If you or a family member is experiencing a life-threatening illness or injury – such as major head trauma, chest pain, severe abdominal pain, or loss of consciousness – immediately call 911 or go directly to an Emergency Room (ER).