Piedmont Athens High-Risk Breast Cancer Program

Our team at the Piedmont Athens High-Risk Breast Cancer Program proactively identifies women at high risk for breast cancer. Our program helps you access screening, diagnostic imaging, education, testing, results, and referrals—all in one place. By working closely with you and your healthcare team, we will create a personalized breast care plan to help you stay ahead of your risks.

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Knowing if you are at a higher risk for breast cancer can help you proactively manage your health.

If you are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer, you may benefit from more frequent breast cancer screenings in addition to your annual mammogram. Early detection can improve survival rates by diagnosing cancers when they are most treatable.

We are located at 1010 Prince Ave., Suite 300, Athens, GA 30606. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 706-425-1430.


Piedmont Athens High-Risk Breast Cancer Program Flyer


Our Goal

We want to ensure women at high risk for breast cancer get the care they need close to home. We’re here to help you gain insight and help guide your journey.


Know Your Risk

We offer a comprehensive program for identifying and managing care for women at high risk of developing breast cancer. Our clinic uses a screening tool that gathers information about your personal and family history to assess your personal risk of breast cancer. Armed with information, we work together to create a personalized breast care plan to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

If you have any personal risk factors or a family history of breast cancer, you may wish to undergo a detailed risk assessment with our high-risk breast team.

We offer:

  • Detailed breast cancer risk assessment
  • Evaluation and examination by our dedicated breast specialist team
  • Genetic counseling and testing, if indicated
  • Personalized breast cancer screening and prevention plan


4 Steps to Great Care

  • You will complete a digital survey at home or in the clinic.
  • We will use up-to-date risk models and clinical guidelines to assess your risk of developing breast cancer.
  • You will meet with our nurse practitioner to discuss your personalized results.
  • We will work with you to develop and implement a personalized breast care plan.


Our Team

Our highly-trained and specialized team brings extensive experience and deep knowledge to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our team consists of:

Our team works closely with:

  • Medical and Radiation oncologists
  • Plastic surgeons
  • Obstetricians and gynecologists
  • Primary care providers


No Referral Needed

While your healthcare provider may refer you to the program, or you may be invited to the program following your mammogram at Piedmont Breast Health Center, a referral is not necessary to make an appointment.


Breast Specialist Consultation

A breast specialist will provide a complete evaluation and examination to include:

  • A risk assessment utilizing your personal and family cancer histories
  • Assessing whether genetic testing should be performed to better define risk for you and your family
  • Discussing the benefits and limitations of genetic testing, and answering your questions about insurance coverage
  • Coordinating the test (via blood or saliva sample) should you decide to be tested
  • Helping you and your family members understand your results and make follow-up healthcare recommendations and specialist referrals as indicated
  • Reviewing any completed genetic testing results
  • Discussing early detection and risk reduction options for breast cancer, including more frequent imaging, lifestyle changes, medications and/or preventative surgery
  • Developing a personalized breast cancer screening and prevention plan with you
  • Coordinating an evaluation with medical oncologists and/or plastic surgeons as needed
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