Infant Loss Resources at Piedmont Fayette

The loss of a child is the most difficult thing parents ever face.  No matter where you were in your life with your child - pregnancy, delivery, or the first weeks and months after delivery - the death of your baby has changed your life forever. Piedmont offers our deepest sympathy to you in this difficult time.  There are no words that can assuage your pain and grief.  What we offer to you in this section are resources for your journey.

At Piedmont Fayette, we have some hospital resources to help both while you are in the hospital and after you are home: 

  • Annual Memorial Services:  In December, Women’s Services and Spiritual Care Services host a Memorial Service for all the families who have experienced the loss of an infant. If you choose to participate, this service will remember your child by name and provide some outlet for the heartache that families feel especially around the holidays.  
  • Memorial Rock Garden:  There is small rock garden by the pond on the Piedmont Fayette campus where we add stones painted with the names of babies who have died in our community. If you would like to have a rock placed in memory of your baby/babies, contact the chaplain’s office at 770-719-7037.
  • Chaplains:  Piedmont Fayette has a dedicated staff of chaplains who would be willing to talk with you at any time. Our chaplains are trained and experienced in listening to families and offering comfort to those who are grieving. Feel free to contact the chaplain’s office at 770-719-7037
  • Support Groups:  Rachel’s Gift Infant Loss Support Group meets via Zoom every Thursday night at 7 p.m. Register for the support group.
  • Private Memorial Services/Celebration of Life Services:  If at any time, you would like to do a special service to honor your baby, the Chaplain’s office would be willing to help you with resources, plans, or conducting the service. Please call at 770-719-7037.


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