Childbirth Maternity Classes


Childbirth Preparation

These prenatal classes cover preparation for labor and birth, including labor stages and phases, relaxation and breathing, comfort measures and interventions such as medications, epidurals, induction and c-section delivery. Includes practice sessions during class. 

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Childbirth: Evening Series

This series is two classes, 2.5 hours each, and topics addressed include:

  • Overview of vaginal and cesarean birth, newborn care and basic breastfeeding
  • Pain management during labor 
  • When to go to the hospital
  • What to expect after birth
  • Tour included

Attend at Piedmont Atlanta


Childbirth: Express/Refresher

The express/refresher class is 2.5 hours long and is primarily video format, designed for a basic overview of birth, with a brief time for questions /discussion. An optional tour is included at the end of class. Participants receive a printed Understanding Childbirth book with online content.

Attend at Piedmont Atlanta


Childbirth Preparation for Teens

Free childbirth class designed to meet the needs of expectant teen moms and their support person.

Attend at Piedmont Fayette


Childbirth: Natural Techniques Add-on

This class is the perfect addition to any Childbirth class (Weekend All-in-One, Series All-in-One, Express, or Refresher). It is a small, one-hour intensive focus on natural labor techniques to further explore unmedicated options for labor and delivery. These options include progressive relaxation, guided imagery, labor positions, delivery positions, massage and touch. This hour is not intended to fully prepare you for an unmedicated labor, but to introduce you to many techniques to help you discover what works best for you.

Attend at Piedmont Atlanta


Childbirth - Cesarean Section

This one-hour class is focused on a scheduled C-section and is stand-alone preparation for a scheduled Cesarean birth, with no other childbirth class necessary. Topics include:

  • Review of preparation for surgery
  • Discussion of the surgical process
  • Recovery
  • Tour included

Participants receive a printed Understanding Childbirth book with online content.

Attend at Piedmont Atlanta


Bedrest Childbirth/Breastfeeding Education

Printed materials with online class content provided, with brief instruction given and questions answered at bedside for moms admitted to the antepartum unit.  Order required.

Attend at Piedmont Atlanta


Birth Basics

One-time class for time-crunched expecting parents who want basic information about what to expect during labor and birth or for experienced parents who just need a refresher. Covers stages of labor, including common interventions. No practice sessions during class. No tour.

Attend at Piedmont Athens


A Time for Birth

This class provides an overview of having a baby and what to expect in Labor and Delivery and the Family Care Center at Piedmont Atlanta.  Consider registering separately for the tour preceding class.  A Time For Birth is not a full childbirth class.

The class focuses on:

  • The changes experienced in pregnancy 
  • Nutrition guidelines for pregnancy
  • To-do checklists of what you need to accomplish in these 40 short weeks! 
  • Optional tour included after class

This class is Piedmont Atlanta’s free gift to expecting parents, along with an Understanding Pregnancy book and online content.

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