Childbirth Maternity Classes

Childbirth Preparation

These prenatal classes cover preparation for labor and birth, including labor stages and phases, relaxation and breathing, comfort measures and interventions such as medications, epidurals, induction and C-section delivery. Includes practice sessions during class. 

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Childbirth Series (All-in-One)

This prenatal class covers the same topics as the Childbirth Preparation, but adds an overview of breastfeeding and newborn care. It's a convenient choice for busy parents-to-be that wish to have one comprehensive class that covers all of the basics! This class is on two weeknights and lasts 2.5 hours each night. One support person included in the registration.

*Virtual tour included

Attend at Piedmont Atlanta   Piedmont Atlanta Virtual Class


Childbirth: Weekend (All-in-One)

This comprehensive class covers labor and birth, comfort measures, and interventions such as medications, epidurals, induction, and cesarean birth. It includes post-partum care and an overview of breastfeeding and newborn care. A tour is included.

Attend at Piedmont Atlanta


Childbirth: Natural Techniques Add-on

This class is the perfect addition to any Childbirth class (Weekend all-in-One, Series All-in-One, and Preparation). It is a small, 1.5-hour intensive focus on natural labor techniques to further explore unmedicated labor and delivery options. These options include progressive relaxation, guided imagery, labor positions, delivery positions, massage and touch. This class is not intended to fully prepare you for unmedicated labor but to introduce you to many techniques to help you discover what works best for you. This class is intended for both you and your support partner.

*Tour not included

Piedmont Atlanta Virtual Class   Attend at Piedmont Atlanta


Childbirth - Cesarean Section

This two-hour class is focused on a scheduled C-section and is stand-alone preparation for a scheduled Cesarean birth, with no other childbirth class necessary. Topics include:

  • Review of preparation for surgery
  • Discussion of the surgical process
  • Recovery
  • A virtual tour is included

Piedmont Atlanta Virtual Class


Birth Basics

One-time class for time-crunched expecting parents who want basic information about what to expect during labor and birth or for experienced parents who need a refresher. Covers stages of labor, including common interventions. No practice sessions during class. No tour.

Attend at Piedmont Athens Regional

Ready to POP (Positioning Our Parents)

This 2-hour class, for pregnant women & their support person, includes hands on practice to aid in teaching our families positioning and comfort options to promote effective labor and best outcomes. Topics include labor positions, delivery positions, and comforting techniques. This class will introduce many methods to help you discover what works best for YOU.

Attend at Piedmont Newnan

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