Volunteer Opportunities at Piedmont Newton

Volunteers at Piedmont Newton Hospital are a valuable part of our excellent health care team. They give generously of their time and talents to provide assistance to patients, visitors and staff. They are regularly rewarded with sincere thanks for their generous acts of kindness.

Over 225 men, women and young adults support Piedmont Newton Hospital through their volunteer efforts each year. Service hours exceed 25,000 annually as a result of time given in 28 areas in the hospital, community programs and fundraising. Senior volunteers, college students and high school students make up the volunteer base. If you are interested in volunteering, READ ON! You can call 678-212-7422 to receive additional information.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Junior Volunteer Summer Program - The Summer 2024 application is now available.
    High school students in Newton County, Ga. going into the 11th and 12th grades the following school year may apply for the summer Junior Volunteer Program. Junior Volunteers are required to supply up-to-date immunization records and meet all Piedmont Employee Health requirements, including current tuberculosis screening(s).

  • Adult Volunteers (ages 18+ and not in college)
    Adults applying for volunteer service at Piedmont Newton Hospital will submit a completed volunteer application. Assignments are made based on openings in the volunteer schedule, skills and interests of the applicant. Requirements include a background check, two consecutive 2-step tuberculosis screenings, (one before the start of volunteering and the second approximately 10 to 14 days after) and a flu shot during flu season. Adult volunteers are required to make a minimum of a three-month volunteer commitment.
  • College Volunteers
    College students may apply year round by submitting a completed adult volunteer application. Requirements include a background check, two consecutive 2-step tuberculosis screenings, (one before the start of volunteering and the second approximately 10 to 14 days after) and a flu shot during flu season. Volunteers must complete a mandatory orientation class that is offered only on Monday mornings. Letters of recommendation will be written upon request by those students who actively serve a minimum of 12 weeks and 36 hours.


General Volunteer Information

  • If you are an adult or college applicant interested in becoming a volunteer at Piedmont Newton Hospital, please print, complete and return the adult volunteer application, either by dropping it off in person at the information desk in the Knox Center at Piedmont Newton (Attn.: Sherry Daniel) or by emailing it to Sherry Daniel at sherry.daniel@piedmont.org. If you need an application mailed to your home, or have questions, call the volunteer office at 678-212-7422.
  • Before applying for a job at Piedmont Newton Hospital, volunteers are required to serve for six months and have 80 volunteer hours.
  • Annual Education and Health Updates: Annual, mandatory education updates are required for all adult volunteers for safety training, competencies and confidentiality. Each year, tuberculosis (TB) screenings and TB skin tests (TST’s) are administered by the Occupational Health Department at the hospital. A TB test is given annually in the month of the volunteer’s birthday. If you have ever had a positive TB skin test, you must complete a TB screening form and have a negative chest x-ray on file. Participation in our influenza vaccination program is mandatory for all active volunteers during the flu season. More information regarding flu vaccine requirements is made available annually near the beginning of the flu season. Piedmont Newton Hospital will offer the influenza vaccine to volunteers at no cost when supplies become available in the fall.

For more information, contact Sherry Daniel at the Volunteer Services Office: 678-212-7422 or

VicNet - Volunteer Information Center

Log your volunteer hours and access your personal volunteer page and information on Volgistics.


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