Volunteer Profile - Sue Livingston

From Chief Nursing Officer to Outstanding Volunteer

Sue Livingston

It didn’t take long after her retirement as Chief Nursing Officer from the old Newnan Hospital on Jackson Street in 2002 for Sue Livingston to want to return to helping patients. Now, she serves as a volunteer at Piedmont Newnan Hospital where she has twice served as Auxiliary president.

"I like to be around people. I see people I knew and had worked with through the years," Livingston said, adding that her work with the Auxiliary "helps keeps me engaged with the hospital."

Livingston graduated from Piedmont Hospital School of Nursing in 1958. She worked at Emory until the early 1960s and then took time away from work after the birth of her son. In 1974, she returned to work at the Jackson Street hospital, where she served as CNO for 14 years before retiring.

Initially, Livingston enjoyed traveling but her desire to help people led her to the Piedmont Newnan Hospital Auxiliary. She works Monday morning in the 2nd floor waiting area, helping to keep relatives informed on the status of their loved ones. As soon as her volunteer shift is finished there, she heads down to the front desk in the hospital lobby to complete a second volunteer shift during the afternoon.

"I like both areas so that's why I do it. I'm here on Mondays so I just stay all day," Livingston said. "I like to think I help with the image here and I enjoy seeing patients who are people I know. It seems like it's kind of comforting for them to see somebody they know."

To see more volunteer profiles for Piedmont Newnan Hospital, visit http://www.piedmont.org/locations/newnan-volunteer-profiles.aspx.

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