Piedmont Heart Institute

The volunteers for the Piedmont Heart Institute just need a heart for people and willingness to help. They should have basic office and people skills. Piedmont Heart Institute will help teach the volunteers how to get around and give directions since it is located on two floors. Volunteers are needed Monday through Friday.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Transporting stable patients:
       To and from their cars
       To Admissions or to the ER
       From the office to the Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Club
  • Stocking supplies, both office and clinical
  • Looking at supplies and noting what needs to be ordered
  • Organizing closets, EKG charts
  • Cleaning out closets and drawers
  • Acting as an on-campus courier
  • Keeping an eye on waiting rooms
  • Looking at bathrooms during the day to make sure they are stocked with TP and paper towels
  • Giving directions to the patients

There is no heavy lifting. Volunteers will need to be able to push a wheelchair since there is a little incline between the 275 Building and 95 Building. There are no hazardous materials involved. Adults and teens are welcome to volunteer for the Piedmont Heart Institute.

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