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Piedmont Columbus Regional Visitor Information - Midtown

Care Partner Policy (Updated February 27, 2023)

A Care Partner may be a relative, partner, friend or anyone (over age 18) that the patient chooses to have at their side during care. A Care Partner takes an active role in caring for their loved one in the hospital.

We encourage you to use digital resources connect with your loved ones in the hospital and to assist them in their care. Below are free resources that are available to use.

Virtual Visiting Resources

  • Visiting hours for the inpatient floors are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Women’s Services will begin at 5:30 a.m.
  • 2 essential care partner allowed per patient per day during visiting hours (care partners can switch out, with some exceptions).
    • Care partners for the NICU, Labor & Delivery, and OB ED cannot swap out.
    • OB Antepartum (4 Main) and Mother-Baby (FCC) will allow 3 care partners.
    • No care partners for infectious COVID positive patients.
  • Patients will be allowed to have 1 different care partner during overnight hours (8 p.m. to 8 a.m.)
    • 2 care partners are allowed overnight with Children’s Hospital/PICU patients.
  • Children ages 12 and under are not allowed to visit, with an exception.
    • 2 siblings at a time may visit Mother-Baby (FCC), without an age restriction.
    • All children must be accompanied by an adult age 18 or older at all times and are not allowed to stay overnight.
  • Pastoral Care may enter the hospital upon request of the patient. The Pastoral Care person will not count as a care partner.
  • Adults ages 70 and older are discouraged from visiting.

Care partners are required to wear a surgical-grade mask. If they do not have one, Piedmont will provide this. They must also undergo a health questionnaire at the entrances for the Omnigo visitor management process with a NO ID NO ENTRY rule.

All workforce screened prior to start of workday/assigned shift at entrance, or upon reporting to their work unit/department, via temperature or via signs/symptoms quarantine screen that may include a temperature check as needed.

Visitor Management System

Piedmont Columbus Regional has implemented a new visitor management system for its Midtown and Northside campuses.

Visitors (care partners) MUST HAVE A VALID ID (driver’s license or another form of government ID) to enter the facility. If the care partner does not have a valid ID, they will not be allowed inside the facility. Staff will give the care partner a badge sticker that must be worn inside the facility at all times. The ink on the badge will disappear in 12 hours. Once this happens, the care partner needs to either leave the facility or go back to the entrance they came in at be re-screened and get a new badge sticker.

Visiting Hours and Parking

Care partners are an important part of patient care and family and friends are encouraged to visit. Patient comfort and safety may require limited or suspended visitation at certain times.

Parking is available in guest parking areas directly across from the main entrance of the hospital on Center Street and at the 18th Street entrance.

Campus Map Floors 1-3 (Main Entrance) Floors 1-3 (18th St. Entrance) Floors 4-10

Inpatient Resource Guide

The information in our inpatient resource guide has been specially prepared for you, with the hope that it will answer questions you or your family members and visitors may have while you are a patient with us. Please feel free to take this guide with you and refer to it during your stay.

English Resource Guide Spanish Resource Guide

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