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Understanding Heart Disease in Women

At Piedmont Heart, we take women’s heart health seriously – after all,  90% of women have at least one risk factor for heart disease. Women have unique factors that contribute to and affect their heart health. Pregnancy, menopause and the day-to-day juggling of work and family can all take a toll on your heart, especially if you have experienced conditions such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. Many other health conditions, such as lupus or other inflammatory diseases or anxiety and depression, which generally affect more women than men, significantly affect your risk of heart disease. We specialize in how heart disease affects women, and our team is here to help – one woman at a time. 

Patient Story: Like Sheila, many women don't recognize the signs of a heart attack.

Keeping Women Healthier One Step at a Time

Our team helps women manage their heart health by teaching the small steps that lead to wellness. Your numbers or the factors contributing to heart issues didn’t happen overnight, but we will help you improve your heart health, finding that inner strength to succeed, one step at a time. Not only do we help our patients improve their heart health, but we’ll also show women how small steps toward wellness can affect the entire family's health. Small changes can make a significant difference for years and generations to come.

We take care of the whole person, not just your heart. If you have any heart event or problem, care doesn’t stop when you are treated at Piedmont Healthcare and discharged. Our team of women-focused heart specialists helps educate women to understand their numbers – like cholesterol and blood pressure – and learn the importance of maintaining good habits throughout life by making small changes that can have a big impact on heart health, including:

  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Get to a healthy weight and maintain with healthy eating habits
  • Increase physical activity and stay active
  • Limit alcohol consumption

A Team of Specialized Support

An entire team is dedicated to your heart care, including board-certified cardiologists, cardiac-certified nurses, certified health and wellness coaches, registered dietitians and cardiac rehabilitation specialists. We care for your day-to-day health, including educating women about the numbers that affect heart health, such as cholesterol and blood pressure. We also help you understand how to manage heart disease issues, recovery after a heart event or surgery and how to live life to the fullest with your specific diagnosis. At every level of care, even if a heart transplant is necessary, our team is here to help you every step of the way to long-term heart health. We’ve even answered some of the most common questions that women want to know about their heart health.

Dottie Fuqua Women’s Heart Support Network

We’re working hard to help women understand that a proactive approach to their health, especially their heart health, is within their control. That’s why we’re bringing women together by building a support network so women can talk to others who are going through a similar situation. Together, we’ll help women better understand how simple lifestyle changes can significantly affect their heart health – how a heart-healthy diet and regular physical activity can improve their quality of life. Due to the generosity of Dottie Fuqua, this new support program is in the process of expanding and will soon be available at no cost to any woman who gets her care through Piedmont Heart Institute. Talk to your Piedmont cardiologist about the availability of these services.

For More Information about Heart Care Focused on Women

If you or a loved one has concerns about your heart health – or wants to take a proactive approach, please contact one of our women’s heart specialists at 404-605-2800. Our entire team focuses on your care, with convenient locations across Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

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