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Heart Health for Women in Every Phase of Life

At Piedmont, we care for our patients in every phase of life, so our women's heart specialists are particularly mindful of how menopause can affect your heart health. We know that life’s biological changes can affect your numbers – for example, it has been proven that menopause can be responsible for a sharp rise in cholesterol levels. Our skilled team of heart specialists, uniquely trained in caring for women and heart disease, considers all aspects of your health when diagnosing and recommending treatment options for your individualized care.

Focus on the Positives of Post-Menopausal Health

Our women’s heart specialists at Piedmont Heart Institute help women address some of the menopausal issues that can disrupt life. Changes in hormone levels affect the production of mood-regulating chemicals, slow metabolism and redistribute fat to the abdomen. But don’t let normal physical changes discourage you – rather, let us help you focus on a positive approach to this next phase of life.  

Emotional Health is Important for Heart Health

If you feel stressed or anxious due to health issues or the adjustment to menopause, talk to someone about how you feel. It is proven that menopause changes mood-regulating chemicals in your body, and you can easily feel anxious or depressed due to these changes. Also, your mood can be affected due to the stress of coping with health-related issues, which can negatively affect your recovery. It is normal to sometimes feel hopeless, but we’re here to help you find the strength to confront your anxieties about your health.

Women must take time for their health and wellness, not just for family and loved ones. We encourage women to take time to think positively and believe in what they can accomplish – with help from our team and a network of support. Our more holistic approach to heart health is to help women lean on each other, share experiences and learn together how to manage heart disease through a supportive approach to wellness. 

Improving Heart Health Through Increased Activity

As women age, it is proven that metabolism slows down due to reduced hormones that impact a woman’s fat-burning metabolism. So what can you do better to manage your heart health on a day-by-day basis? One of the main areas of heart health that is within your control is your activity level, so we help our patients better understand how you can get moving. Try these easy steps to increase physical activity and stay active:

  • Park a little farther away – drive away from that front-row space
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walk to the mailbox instead of picking up the mail when you drive in
  • If you’re watching a favorite show on TV, get moving during the commercials
  • Get up from your desk more often – rely on conversations and not just email
  • Walk when you can instead of driving – short distances add up
  • Chop your own vegetables instead of buying pre-cut
  • Start by walking down the street – and progress until you make it around the block

If you’re still wondering how to exercise without joining a gym or running a marathon, you don’t have to look beyond your home! Try washing your car on a pretty day or doing some gardening – you’ll save money and get a little more exercise. Also, think about chores around the house. Cleaning a home is terrific exercise, and even if someone cleans your home regularly, tackle the extra projects yourself. By cleaning out the attic, bookshelves or storage closets, you’ll feel better – by moving more and decluttering!

While weight gain is common in midlife, don’t let it define you. Make simple changes to diet and activity levels, and you’ll feel better and keep your pounds and activity levels lower. A combination of reducing stress, increasing activity and making heart-healthy food choices can all help improve post-menopausal heart health. Talk to one of our heart specialists to learn how a few small changes can significantly improve your heart health and wellness.

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