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General and Preventive Cardiology Expertise

At Piedmont Heart Institute, our team of highly skilled general cardiologists delivers cutting-edge cardiovascular medicine with state-of-the-art imaging, advanced technology and the expertise necessary to improve your heart health.

We are physician-led and run, with over 100 cardiologists serving 30 locations daily.  Our general cardiology team, each board-certified in as many as five specialties, provides:

  • Identification of those at risk of heart disease
  • General cardiovascular consults
  • Guidance on how to improve heart health
  • Treatment of common heart problems
  • Preventive cardiology care
  • Medication consultation

Our cardiologists work closely with Piedmont’s heart and vascular specialists and surgeons to provide the highest level of care with an integrated approach.  Our strong clinical team of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants and office staff are dedicated to caring for our patients. In each of our communities, we diagnose and treat routine and complex heart conditions and diseases, including:  

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Chest pain or discomfort (angina)
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Family history of coronary disease
  • Heart attacks
  • Heart Failure
  • High blood cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Hypertension
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Palpitations
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Preventive cardiology and risk factor management
  • Sports medicine and sports cardiology
  • Stable angina
  • Syncope
  • Valvular heart disease, including aortic, mitral and tricuspid valves
  • Women’s heart disease

With compassionate and personalized care, we help you understand what to expect and deliver cardiovascular excellence with a patient-centric approach – in a way you can understand.

If you or a loved one is experiencing increased fatigue, shortness of breath or a decrease in the ability to enjoy life, our team can help. Please call 404-605-2800 to learn more about our services.

Advanced Imaging Technology  

Our team combines the use of advanced imaging technology with the experience of a specialized team to safely and accurately analyze the structure and function of your heart.

We can pinpoint the presence of cardiovascular disease before symptoms even occur. In addition, because your safety is our primary concern, we have implemented radiation reduction procedures, dramatically reducing the level of exposure for our cardiac imaging tests.

Accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI, echo and stress echo, we adhere to consistent, high-quality care. Our specialists use a Cardiac CT to examine calcium scores, coronary arteries and valvular heart disease, while Cardiac MRI focuses on cardiomyopathies and valvular heart disease. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in the expertise of our sonographers, the quality of the equipment and focus on quality assessment metrics. 

Exercise and Sports Cardiology Program

We know that exercise and athleticism lead to improved health and better long-term prognosis. Yet physical exertion carries a slight risk of serious cardiac problems, including sudden cardiac death (SCD). Our Sports Cardiology Program aims to minimize your risk so that you can maximize your game safely and confidently. 

Our screening program is designed to evaluate professional athletes, elite athletes, recreational athletes, youth athletes (over age 18), collegiate athletes, tactical athletes and master athletes. We help athletes with existing cardiac issues protect their hearts and safely participate in athletics.  And we screen for heart disease in people who wish to begin a regular exercise routine or who want to take it to the next level and do so safely.  

Our multidisciplinary team of experts can fully evaluate, diagnose, and treat essentially all cardiac problems. We care for elite athletes – and each of our patients – with the same level of expert heart care. 

Innovations in General and Preventive Cardiology

By standardizing cardiovascular care in lipid management and echocardiography, our cardiology team can assist with diagnosing and treating the most complex heart conditions. Clinical initiatives include:

  • Top 2 PCSK9 Lipid Program in the nation
  • Women’s Heart Program – unique screening and wellness network
  • Cardio-Oncology advanced protocols
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome Clinical Variation Reduction Initiative

Through programs such as our Acute Coronary Syndrome Clinical Variation Reduction Initiative, we’re developing up-to-the-minute guidelines on how to treat patients with any acute heart event. We’re improving communication with clinical teams, patients and their families and decreasing costs and errors through a more standardized approach.

Newest Medications for Cholesterol Management

Our heart specialists at Piedmont Heart Institute are instrumental in setting national guidelines for the newest medications available for lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels through our PCSK9 Lipid Program. Our lipid specialists are preventive cardiologists specializing in treating high cholesterol and triglycerides - or fats, called lipids, in the blood.

With the newest lipid pathways that our team at Piedmont Heart Institute has established, we have standardized the national approach for evaluating patients and reviewing any barriers to medication access. For patients who are not able to lower their cholesterol or triglycerides through nutrition, exercise or current medications, our lipid specialists can help improve your numbers with:

  • Lipid-specific lab tests
  • New medication recommendations
  • Improved medication management 
  • Diet and lifestyle modifications

Strength of Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Designed for patients who have recently experienced a cardiac event or have multiple risk factors for heart disease, our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program combines prescriptive exercise with risk factor modification and educational services. Our team of certified cardiac rehab therapists works closely with your cardiologist to teach you about:

  • Strengthening your heart
  • Reducing your risk of future heart problems
  • Improving your overall health
  • Exercising safely
  • Eating heart-healthful
  • Minimizing your stress

Enrollment in Piedmont’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program requires a referral from your physician. 

For More Information or to Make an Appointment

To book an appointment with one of our heart or vascular specialists at Piedmont Heart Institute, please use our convenient online search through our Find a Doctor tool. For questions or more information about Piedmont Heart Institute, please call 404-605-2800.

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