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A Dedicated Team - Bringing Innovation to Women’s Heart Program

Our cardiovascular group strongly focuses on improving outcomes for women with heart disease. Piedmont Heart Institute has established a team of women’s heart experts who care for women with heart conditions and issues in a more holistic way.

Our team teaches women about awareness of heart disease risks through our risk screening and ensures that our patients can access support services to help them through diagnosis and treatment – and on to better heart health.

Meet Our Women’s Heart Team Members

Our women’s heart specialists all have special medical training and expertise in the differences of how heart disease affects women. Our team understands women's challenges, and we’re here to help – one woman at a time. Our specialty team members include:


Jyoti Sharma, MD, FACC
Jyoti Sharma, MD, FACC Cardiology
Medical Director, Women’s Heart Program
View Profile
Sara Mobasseri, MD, FACC, FASE
Sara Mobasseri, MD, FACC, FASE Cardiology
Founding Member, Women’s Heart Program
View Profile
Matthew Crim, MD
Matthew Crim, MD Cardiology
View Profile
Katherine Duello, MD
Katherine Duello, MD Cardiology
View Profile
Sushee Gadde, MD
Sushee Gadde, MD Cardiology, Heart Failure
View Profile
Cecile King, MD
Cecile King, MD Cardiology
Buckhead, Canton
View Profile
Andrew Klein, MD
Andrew Klein, MD Cardiology, Intervention
Buckhead, Eatonton, Rockdale
View Profile
Kavita Krishnasamy, MD
Kavita Krishnasamy, MD Cardiology, Electrophysiology
Buckhead, Fayette
View Profile
Katherine Kunkel, MD
Katherine Kunkel, MD Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Buckhead View Profile
Rani Neil Lall, DO
Rani Lall, DO Cardiology
Fayette, Newnan, Sharpsburg
View Profile
Kirk Laman, DO
Kirk Laman, DO Cardiology
Canton, Jasper
View Profile
Druenell Linton, MD
Druenell Linton, MD Cardiology
View Profile
Catherine Marti, MD
Catherine Marti, MD Cardiology, Heart Failure
View Profile
Bukola Olubi, MD
Bukola Olubi, MD Cardiology
Fayette, Newnan, Sharpsburg
View Profile
Kalindi Parikh, MD
Kalindi Parikh, MD Cardiology
Buckhead, Douglasville
View Profile
Ammar Tahir
Ammar Tahir, DO Cardiology
Buckhead, Canton
View Profile
Tina Varghese, MD
Tina Varghese, MD Cardiology
View Profile

Advanced Practice Providers

Enash Basha, NP
Enash Basha, NP Nurse Practitioner
Brittany Castro, NP
Brittany Castro, NP Nurse Practitioner
Aubrey Claxton, NP
Aubrey Claxton, NP Nurse Practitioner
Barbara Conlon, NP
Barbara Conlon, DNP Nurse Practitioner
Julie Kim, NP
Julie Kim, NP Nurse Practitioner
Jan McAlister, DNP, APRN, CLS
Jan McAlister, DNP, APRN, CLS Nurse Practitioner
Alexis Musser, NP
Alexis Musser, NP Nurse Practitioner
Denise Reedus, DNP, APRN
Denise Reedus, DNP, APRN Nurse Practitioner
Sara Williams, NP-C
Sara Williams, NP-C Nurse Practictioner

Clinical Team

Robin Raflo, LCSW
Robin Raflo, LCSW Women’s Heart Program Coordinator, Atlanta
Avril James, MPH, CHES
Avril James, MPH, CHES Women’s Heart Program Coordinator, Fayette/Newnan
Stacy Brown, RN
Stacy Brown, RN, BSN Women’s Heart Program Director


  • Alexis Smith, Executive Director CV Services
  • Kim Urquhart, Content Specialist
  • Reannon Wright, Sr. Planning and Operations Coordinator

Education is the Key to Success

With an emphasis on education and helping others, our Women’s Heart Program brings in other Piedmont specialists with expertise in the areas that affect heart health. Including nutritionists or yoga experts, our patients can learn the importance of diet and exercise for heart health – and how to incorporate good choices into everyday life – with small changes that greatly impact wellness. 

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