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Comprehensive Care for Heart Failure

At Piedmont Heart Institute, our team of heart failure experts provides excellent care for any stage of heart failure. We are patient-centered and family-focused.  We offer complete disease management - from lifestyle management and medication to advanced therapies like ECMO, and surgical options like heart transplant and durable mechanical circulatory support such as ventricular assist devices. In addition to a dedicated advanced heart failure center at Piedmont Atlanta, our heart failure centers throughout the region provide expertise and accessibility closer to home. 

History of Excellence

Our team has a rich history of excellence in providing expert care for heart failure patients. In October 2010, we began providing patients with Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs), and in April 2012, we began performing heart transplants. Our vision remains:

  • Program:  To provide the highest quality care in Advanced Heart Failure to our patients and the community we serve by promoting excellence in compassion, service, and education.
  • Patients:  To inform, educate, and empower patients through healing, health, and wellness.
  • People:  To foster a supportive working environment for all employees by emphasizing respect, professionalism, communication, and collaboration.

Commitment to Our Communities

The Advanced Heart Failure program is committed to providing the community and region access to advanced life-sustaining devices used to treat patients with acute and end-stage heart failure. We strive to provide this service in accordance with the mission and values of Piedmont Hospital and Piedmont Heart.


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