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Workplace Wellness and Safety Programs

As part of our ongoing commitment to the health of our community, we offer a variety of wellness services to businesses in Northeast Georgia. Our goal is to provide your employees with the very best workplace wellness and safety programs at a reasonable cost.

To request a health screen for your business, fill out and return our request form. To request more information or to schedule another program listed below, contact Sandy Broyles at 706-475-5629 or


Safety Classes

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR-AED)
Participants receive American Heart Association or National Safety Council two-year certification in Adult CPR-AED. This class offers extensive hands-on sessions and includes textbook. Three hours. Class minimum of eight for on-site programs.

First Aid
This class offers National Safety Council three-year certification. It includes hands-on practice sessions and a textbook. Four hours. Class minimum of eight for on-site programs.

Bloodborne Pathogens
This one-hour program meets OSHA's Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standard annual training requirements.

Medical Emergency Response Team Class
Certification in CPR-AED, First Aid, and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens for Business & Industry Emergency Response Team personnel. Eight hours. Class minimum of eight for on-site programs.


Publications and Displays

Health Matters at Work
Employee wellness newsletter, emailed quarterly and personalized with your logo. Free.

Wellness Wednesday Email Fliers
Safety and wellness fliers for posting or distributing, emailed weekly. Subscriptions are free.


Wellness Programs

Weight Management/Nutrition
This class focuses on practical ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight for life. It covers exercise, low-fat cooking, eating out, meal planning, portion control and more. One-hour classes meet weekly for eight weeks. Class minimum of ten for on-site programs.

Smoking Cessation
Group discussions, strategies for quitting and support during withdrawal. Four one-hour classes over four weeks. Free class for those who attend all four sessions. Class minimum of eight for on-site programs.

High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer
Participants learn to manage blood pressure through diet, exercise, weight control and medications. Four one-hour classes over four weeks. Class minimum of ten for on-site programs.

Control Your Cholesterol
Participants learn more about cholesterol and how to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Three one-hour classes over three weeks. Class minimum of ten for on-site programs.

Seminars and Workshops
Topics include stress management, tobacco cessation, nutrition, heart health, disease management, first aid, back safety, AED training or others to meet your employees' needs.

Incentive Programs
Choose from an exercise contest or a weight loss contest. Ten weeks. For groups of 30-100 participants. Call for more details.

Free Community Service Presentations
Available topics will vary according to current public awareness campaigns. Call for more information. Presentations are approximately 30 minutes (time can be adjusted).


Health Screens

Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Screen
No fasting required for this finger-stick test. Total and HDL cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Immediate results with on-site counseling provided. Follow-up letters for those with abnormal results. For groups of 30-100 participants.

Blood Pressure Check
On-site counseling and educational handouts provided. Participants with high readings receive reminder letters encouraging follow-up with healthcare provider. For groups of 30-100 participants.

Body Composition Analysis
Machine provides information about weight, body fat percent, body mass index, hydration status, and more. Handouts and counseling provided.

Bone Density Heel Ultrasound
Test for early signs of osteoporosis. Handouts, counseling, and follow-up letters for those with low readings are all provided. Participants must be 35 years old or older. For groups of 30-100 participants.


Employee Wellness Program

The Beat Goes On
Twelve-month cardiovascular risk reduction program includes health risk assessment (lab tests and paper form), individual and group reports, coaching, multiple wellness programs based on identified needs, and follow-up risk assessment. For groups of 30-100 participants. Call for more details.

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