Thank you for choosing Piedmont Athens Regional for your care. To help you keep track of your medical information, we invite you to use our patient portal - MyAthensHealth.


Results are posted to the portal 4 days after being provided to your physician. This delay allows time for the physician to review results and communicate to you any changes in treatment plan should a change be needed.

Learning to interpret lab results is an important way of engaging in your healthcare. A link to LabTestOnline.Org has been provided on the Results page. This site is a resource designed to enhance your learning experience.

Please be aware that some abnormality to results are common and your provider should contact you if they are pertinent. If you have questions as you review your results, please contact your physician office directly.


Contact Us

  • For general questions about the patient portal or to update your email, call Patient Experience at 706-475-3397.
  • For health information or medical record questions, call Health Information Management at 706-475-3361.
  • For technical issues with the patient portal, call Cerner at 1-877-621-8014.

View Frequently Asked Questions

MyAthensHealth Patient Portal provides you with the most convenient way to securely view your personal health information and interact with Athens Regional Medical Center and Athens Regional Physician Group. It serves a key role in your health care – providing a constant connection to the information you need for your health. We encourage all of our patients to join MyAthensHealth, one of our main tools for ensuring you have ready access to your personal health information.

It allows you to see and share your private health information with others in your life. (Available 4 days after official report is complete.) With your secure login you can see:

  • Your allergies
  • Lab results (available 4 days after official report is complete). Sensitive results such as HIV will not be posted to the portal.
  • Radiology test results (available 4 days after official report is completed)
  • Blood pressure results
  • Your medications
  • Immunizations documented at Athens Regional Medical Center and clinics
  • List of active and resolved health issues
  • Office visit and hospital summaries

In addition it allows you to:

  • Transmit your provider's notes from an office visit about your care and treatment to another provider or facility
  • Pay your inpatient bill
  • Send a secure message to your health care provider (Effective 1/2/17)
  • Request a medication refill (Effective 1/2/17)

Outpatient visits notes are available as far back as Summer 2015, and inpatient visits going back to 07/01/2014. Prior to these dates records were maintained in a different Electronic Health Record (EHR). Information older than that is not available through MyAthensHealth. We are working each day to add features and give you greater access to your private health information. If you need information that is not available on MyAthensHealth, call your provider’s office or our Health Information Management team at 706-475-3361, Option 1.

Signing up for the portal requires an invitation via email. To request an invitation to MyAthensHealth, please contact your provider’s office either by phone or in person during regular business hours.

Invitations will also be offered to patients registering for an inpatient stay.

Once you receive an email invitation, access the link in the message and follow the steps to activate your account. Your email invitation will come from Cerner Health (IQHealth). Please make sure your email program is set to accept messages from
Please note: You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Patient Portal.

It is secure as long as it resides on the portal. We care about your privacy. Only you, and anyone you give proxy access, may have access to your health information on MyAthensHealth. A proxy is someone who has the authority, either legally or with expressed permission of an independent adult, to view private health information.

Athens Regional Medical Center cannot be responsible if your health information is breached due to sharing of passwords, not logging off a public computer, printed health information left on a printer by the patient. If you choose to download the record from the portal, please take steps to secure your record.

For portal visits to the MyAthensHealth AFTER you have completed the setup process, log in via this page.

How do I?

To have a copy of your medical record sent to another medical facility or to obtain a copy for personal reasons, click for detailed information.

If your provider or health care facility is not part of Athens Regional but has a DirectTrust email address, documents can be sent from the Health Record Visit/Visit Care Summary and Clinical Summary pages.

DirectTrust is an information exchange designed with added levels of security for sending health information electronically in a secure fashion. You will need to know the DirectTrust address of your provider or health care facility to enter into the appropriate field.

  1. Click on Health Record icon at the top of the page.
  2. Open Visit & Hospital Summary page.
  3. Locate the document you want to send.
  4. Click on Options select Send.
  5. Enter the Direct email address.
  6. Enter your phone number.
  7. Enter message to the external provider or facility.
  8. Click Send.

Both a pdf and xml format will be sent under the Athens Regional DirectTrust email address and you will not receive any replies to the message.

  1. Log in to your patient portal account.
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the top navigation bar (in between your name and the “Sign Out” icon at the top right of the screen).
  3. Select Account.
  4. Click on Update Account Settings.
  5. Click Edit on the Email Address row.
  6. Complete Steps 1 through 3.
  7. A confirmation email will be sent.
  8. Follow all instructions in the confirmation email.

The above process does not update the email address you have on record with Athens Regional. Please call your provider’s office to update your records with a new email address. It also does not update the email address where you receive message notifications. Please see the above question for details on how to update this email address.

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