Our Executive Health Team

Piedmont's Executive Health team includes physicians, nurses, registered dietitians and technicians chosen according to your personal health goals and needs. They collaborate to provide comprehensive care that helps you remain as healthy as possible.

Talented Team of Specialists

We've selected a team to champion your care and your wellness while at Piedmont. This team includes:

  • Primary care physician to lead the day.
  • Dermatology specialist to examine your skin.
  • Dietitian to improve nutrition.
  • Hearing and vision specialists for testing.
  • Cardiologists to assess the structure and functioning of your heart.
  • Radiologist to conduct imaging tests.
  • Care coordinators for any needed follow-ups or next steps.


Follow-up with your Primary Care Physician

The Executive Health exam can be repeated on an annual basis but does not take the place of your primary care physician.  With your permission, we will share all findings from your exam with your primary care provider, so you can work together to manage and optimize your health throughout the year.  

If you are in need of a primary care physician, we can refer you to our Concierge Medicine program or one of our many primary care physicians specializing in Internal or Family Medicine. 


Piedmont Clinic Network

Your executive health exam may reveal a need for new care or additional follow-ups. If this happens, we can help coordinate your care across the vast Piedmont Clinic network.

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