A Tailored Experience with Executive Health

Expect an experience tailored to you.

Your experience with the Executive Health Program at Piedmont will feel personalized, comprehensive, and convenient starting from your first interaction with our program and lasting past your visit. Our team is trained to work with individuals and employers to ensure a world-class experience designed to keep you healthy.

Before your visit

The Executive Health Program at Piedmont begins with a conversation with you to understand your history, your challenges and your goals. This helps us to design a day that meets all of your needs. We will develop your executive health itinerary and make sure you know where to begin the day, what tests and visits will be accomplished, and how to prepare (fasting, etc.). When preparing for your appointment, remember to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Glasses or contacts
  • List of all current medications, including over-the-counter drugs and supplements
  • Laptop and cell phone, which you may use in your personal exam suite between appointments
The day of your visit

The Executive Health Program begins in the Concierge Suite. When you arrive, please use our complementary valet services for your vehicle. Throughout the day, you will have access to a personal exam suite where you can take a break between tests, make calls or check email.

We design each day for the individual, but typically the day will start with comprehensive laboratory tests taken in the Executive Health Suite. You will then be escorted to each component of your exam. Based on your schedule, we will ensure you have the breaks you need and nutrition for the day.

Your day will conclude with a meeting with the Executive Health Primary Care physician and the Executive Health team to review all results of the day and determine any next steps.

After your visit

We’ll give you a detailed report of your test results and consultations at the end of your exam. The report will include our team’s conclusions and recommendations for follow-up care. It will be delivered via MyChart, mail, or both.

Your medical information from your executive health exam is strictly confidential. With permission, we will share your health information and test results with other members of your health care team, including your regular physicians. We are also happy to set up a post-visit conference with your primary care physician to discuss any questions or recommendations.

If additional care is needed based on the results of your exam, we will work to coordinate your needs across the Piedmont Clinic network and ensure that all necessary appointments and follow-ups are made.

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