Nursing Residency FAQ

Do I have to be licensed to apply?
No, you must have your license by the program start date if accepted into the program.

I have a temporary licensed issued by the Georgia Board of Nursing, is that acceptable to start the program?
No, you must have an unrestricted Registered Nurse License from the Georgia Board of Nursing.

Do you only accept BSN graduates into the program?
No, we accept applicants from BSN, ADN and MSN graduates.

What are the job requirements?
Please review the job description posted and information found on the Residency Page of the Piedmont web site.

I have applied for the job, when can I expect to hear back?
If you are selected for an interview, you will hear form a recruiter within a week or two, maybe sooner.  If you are not selected for an interview, you will receive an email regarding your status or a recruiter may contact you.  We encourage all applicants to apply for the next round of resident hiring.

How can I contact the recruiter for an update?
To check the status your application, log on to the Piedmont Healthcare jobs site and click on “My Jobpage”. Here you may view the status of your resume submission and the current status of the position you have applied to.

I am from out of state, how long does it take to get a Georgia Nursing License?
Contact the Georgia Board of Nursing at 478-207-2440.

I don’t see any residency program applications posted, do all new grads have to go through a residency program?
Yes, applications are posted three times a year.  Application dates are found on the Residency page of the Piedmont Web site.

I’m visiting from out of town and am interested in a tour.
Given the volume of requests, we don’t generally offer tours.  However, if you are selected for an interview, hospital information is provided at that time. 

How long are the residency programs?
Go to the Residency Page on the Piedmont web site for information.

What residency programs do you offer?
Go to the Residency Page on the Piedmont web site for information.

How are the number of residents needed determined by specialty area (i.e. Critical Care, Labor and Delivery, etc.)?
Vacancy rates and staff mix are evaluated prior to the residency application period to determine needs. 

If accepted into the residency program, how am I compensated?
Residents are paid a full-time new graduate rate including benefits. 

I received my license and want to update my application, how do I do that?
Log into the Piedmont Healthcare jobs site and update your profile.  If you know your assigned recruiter, send the recruiter a copy of your license.

How many hours per week will I be expected to work?
All residents must work at least 36 hours per week but not to exceed 40 hours.

Who will guide me through the program?
You will be assigned a preceptor and you will also receive a notebook that contains pertinent information regarding your rotation.

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