Student Orientation

2023-24 Piedmont Healthcare Respiratory Virus Policy

Dear Faculty,

As always, we welcome your school and the students to Piedmont Healthcare (PHC). We look forward to working with you during your entire educational experience. The guidelines, paperwork and orientation resources that you need are all available on this website. Please read the entire guidelines and share this information with your students.

Read Our Guidelines

Submitting Requests for Placement

Spring (August 1-31)  |  Summer (February 1-28)  |  Fall (April 1-30)


Facility Representatives

For any additional information, please contact a representative at the location where your students will be attending.

Student Orientation Contacts

  • Nicki Turner |
  • Traci Gordon |
  • Natalie Cantrell |
  • Haley A. Alexander 
  • Marci Hanson |
  • Trina Singleton |
  • India Thomas |
  • Jasmine McLaughlin |
  • Gloria Giordano |
  • Emory Dunn |
  • Chandra Bass |

Additional Resources


Thank you for choosing Piedmont Healthcare for your students!

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