Student Orientation

Dear Faculty:

As always, we welcome your school and the students to Piedmont Healthcare (PHC). We look forward to working with you during your educational experience. The guidelines, paperwork and orientation resources are all available on this website. Please read the entire guidelines and share this information with your students.

1. Read entire guidelines.

2. Submit the request form 2 months prior to educational experience.

3. Read entire Drug Screening and Criminal Background Check Instructions and then refer students to the link provided.

4. Guide your students through the orientation materials provided.

5. Submit the following document electronically TEN business days before the student rotation begins. Students will not be allowed to start any aspect of their rotation (including additional orientation) without confirmation of receipt of this information by the designated PHC coordinator:

6. Complete our online application.

Additional resources:

For additional information please contact a representative at the location where your students will be attending or visit our website at

Marci Hanson

Piedmont Atlanta, Fayette, Henry, Mountainside, Newnan, Newton & Rockdale
Piedmont Physician Group, Piedmont Heart Institute & Piedmont Healthcare

Traci Gordon 

3rd and 4th year Medical Students

Thank you for choosing Piedmont Healthcare for your students!