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World Class Care for Tricuspid Valve Treatment

The expert team at Piedmont’s Marcus Heart Valve Center provides comprehensive tricuspid valve diagnosis and treatment - ranging from advanced imaging to surgical repair or replacement to new minimally invasive treatment options. 

Tricuspid regurgitation is a condition where the heart’s tricuspid valve leaflets do not fully close, causing blood to leak backwards.  It is estimated to affect 2.5 million people in the U.S. Until recently, the only options to treat tricuspid regurgitation were with medications or open-heart surgery. Piedmont is offering hope to patients who suffer from tricuspid regurgitation by offering a bevy of therapeutic options and individualized care plans. 

Pioneering Advances in Tricuspid Valve Care

The Marcus Heart Valve Center is leading the way for new non-surgical treatment Dr. Mani Vannan, Cardiologist at Marcus Heart Valve Centeroptions for tricuspid regurgitation. Less invasive transcatheter options mean it is now possible to treat tricuspid regurgitation without surgery and opens the door for many more patients. We are currently enrolling in a clinical trial of the 4Tech TriCinch Coil System for transcatheter tricuspid valve repair.  Piedmont was the first center in the U.S. to use this device. 

The team at the Marcus Heart Valve Center is one of the most experienced in the world performing minimally invasive transcatheter repair options for tricuspid regurgitation. We were national leading enrollers in the SCOUT Study, in which the initial phase showed marked improvements in quality of life for patients undergoing treatment with the Mitralign Percutaneous Tricuspid Valve Annuloplasty System.

Piedmont is breaking barriers in care including being the first in Georgia to implant a transcatheter tricuspid valve (view our patient story) and the first in the world to treat a patient with mechanically induced tricuspid regurgitation due to a pacemaker lead (view our patient story). 

Significant Expertise and Experience of Marcus Team

Our expert team is uniquely skilled and receive referrals from across the U.S. for treatment of tricuspid regurgitation. Our physicians are the most experienced in the world in transcatheter tricuspid valve repair. Our team also has extensive experience in treating tricuspid regurgitation using minimally invasive clipping technology.  We train other physicians in transcatheter valve techniques and serve as thought leaders in the field.  

For those who may benefit from a surgical procedure, our expert surgeons have extensive experience in tricuspid valve surgery. Our goal is to improve each patient’s quality of life by offering treatments as unique as each patient. 

Advanced Imaging for Personalized Care

Our team of advanced imagers integrate information from cardiac ultrasound (echocardiography), CT (computed tomography) and 3-D printing to personalize care for each individual. 

A Destination Center for Comprehensive Heart Valve Care

With heart valve disease, it is important to seek care from a comprehensive valve center. Our heart valve specialists can provide the proper diagnosis and help you understand treatment options. If a transcatheter option is not the best solution for you, our cardiac surgeons are experts in valve surgery. In addition, Piedmont’s Samsky Advanced Heart Failure Center specializes in optimizing medical treatment of valve disease.

Contact a Tricuspid Valve Specialist at Marcus Heart Valve Center

As a leading clinical, research and educational center for valve surgery and transcatheter therapies, we offer expert assessment of tricuspid valve disease and patient-focused, integrated care.

For more information about valve disease diagnosis or treatment - or to make an appointment, call 404-605-6517 or toll free 855-654-6517. To refer a patient, call 888-340-4493. 

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