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MitraClip: A Minimally Invasive Treatment for
Mitral Regurgitation

The MitraClip procedure is a minimally invasive treatment for mitral regurgitation, a condition in which the heart’s mitral valve does not close tightly, allowing blood to leak backward into the heart.

It treats mitral regurgitation by allowing your mitral valve to close more completely, helping to restore normal blood flow through your heart as quickly as possible.

The minimally invasive MitraClip procedure does not require opening your chest or the use of cardiopulmonary bypass.  Your physician team will access the mitral valve with a thin catheter that is guided through a vein to reach your heart.

MitraClip therapy is available for patients who are not candidates for traditional open heart surgery. The benefits of transcatheter mitral valve repair include a shorter recovery period and improved quality of life for many of the patients.


MitraClip: A Minimally Invasive Treatment Option

Watch An Interesting MitraClip Case 


The Piedmont Advantage:

  • As the highest volume MitraClip center in Georgia, the Marcus Heart Valve Center is in the top 10 for overall volume of MitraClips performed in the United States.
  • We are dedicated to patient-centered, compassionate care, all coordinated through a patient navigator. 
  • Our focus is on a safe and successful procedure for every patient. Our length of stay is below the national average with most patients discharged within 24-48 hours.
  • Our multidisciplinary team of experts was the first in Georgia to offer the MitraClip procedure commercially.  
  • Our physicians helped pioneer early clinical trials of the device, and the Marcus Heart Valve Center continues to be a leading enroller in research studies.
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