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Patient Journey

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Step 1: Preparing for your visit

  • Once you have scheduled your visit, a patient navigator will serve as your single point of contact throughout your entire journey.
  • Depending on the testing and the number of physicians you are seeing, you may need to plan to be at Piedmont the entire day.
  • Your patient navigator will send an itinerary and visitor information to help you plan your visit. They can also answer any questions you have such as what to expect, how early to arrive and how to prepare for your procedure. Map your route using our driving directions page.
  • We offer several educational resources to help you through your treatment or procedure. Our online Learning Center offers an inside look at the latest treatments and techniques. Learn about what to expect during heart surgery and more. 


Step 2: On the day of your appointment

  • Your physician will conduct a thorough examination and review your records, condition, imaging studies and treatment options with you.
  • Our comfortable, high-tech interactive consult rooms provide multiple teaching tools for your physician to review your medical images. You can also learn more about specific surgical techniques and medical concepts.
  • If you require a specific procedure or surgery, our team will work with you to determine the optimal timing to return for treatment. Surgery patients may also want to download our Heart Surgery Guide.


Step 3: During your procedure or hospital stay

  • We request that you arrive one hour prior to your appointment on the day of your procedure.
  • Your patient navigator, along with patient representatives, will be in frequent communication with your loved ones during your procedure.
  • Prior to leaving the hospital, a physician assistant or nurse practitioner will thoroughly review your discharge instructions with you, ensuring you understand the necessary medications and care you'll need while recovering at home.


Step 4: During your recovery

  • Our goal is for patients to return home able to care for themselves independently, but you should have a caregiver available for the first two weeks following the procedure.
  • Your patient navigator and physician will share your procedure records with your referring physician or cardiologist.
  • To ensure your recovery is progressing on schedule, you'll have a follow-up visit at the Marcus Heart Valve Center approximately one month after your procedure.
  • Once your recovery is complete, you will return to the care of your primary cardiologist, but a Marcus Heart Valve Center team member will always available to answer your questions.


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