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Piedmont Atlanta Visitor Information

Care Partner Policy (Updated June 11, 2021)

Effective June 11, 2021, Piedmont Atlanta will allow two Care Partners for most patients, with the following rules:

  • All Care Partners must wear a face covering at all times on campus – including in patient rooms.
  • Care Partners can be with their loved one in the hospital from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. daily, with no first-time admittance after 8:45 p.m. Care Partners will not be allowed to stay overnight.
  • Patients can have two designated Care Partners per day.
  • Care Partners are documented in the patient care record (Epic, using a Sticky Note).
  • Care Partners must be 18 years or older.
  • All Care Partners, vendors, delivery drivers, etc., must pass the health screen and wear an armband to show they have passed.
  • No Care Partners will be permitted for patients diagnosed with or under investigation for COVID-19. A “No Visitors” sign will be placed on the patient’s room door by nursing.
  • Care Partners are asked to adhere to social distancing guidelines and remain in the patient’s room.
  • Care Partners may visit the cafeteria, gift shop, chapel and waiting areas if they have their health screening armband visible and are wearing a face covering.
  • Care Partners are not permitted in waiting areas on the patient floors unless directed by the care team.
  • Armbands are color-coded by day of the week.
  • Any exceptions to the Care Partner Policy must be approved by the designated Piedmont Atlanta executive.

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital reserves the right to change the Care Partner Policy at any time.


Location Visitor Policy
All other areas (not noted) Two designated Care Partners
Cath/EP Labs Two designated Care Partners
ED Two designated Care Partners
Guest Center One patient and two designated Care Partners for Mason Transplant clinic evaluations. (Overnight stay)
Imaging Tests/Procedures/ODC/PAT Two designated Care Partners
Inpatient Units and Critical Care Two designated Care Partners
Labor and Delivery/Family Care Center Two designated Care Partners
Mason Transplant Clinic Two designated Care Partners
NICU Two Care Partners during designated hours
Outpatient Infusion Two designated Care Partners
PUI or Positive Covid-19 Patients No Care Partners unless approved by designated Piedmont executive. No physical contact with patient.
Radiation Oncology Two designated Care Partners
Samsky Clinic Two designated Care Partners
Surgery Two designated Care Partners


Piedmont encourages the use of electronic devices to communicate with patients who are hospitalized. While we regret the inconvenience it may cause for some patients, safety is at the center of our organization and we believe these steps are necessary to create the safest environment at our hospital.

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