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Piedmont Atlanta Hospital Leadership

Piedmont Healthcare, Inc. (PHC) is the parent company of Piedmont Atlanta Hospital and other subsidiary hospitals and corporations. Piedmont Healthcare is governed by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom are non-insider (community) directors. The obligation of the PHC Board is to ensure that the resources and capacities of PHC are deployed in a manner that promotes community benefit and health status.

  • Robert Miller, M.D., Chair
  • Patrick M. Battey, M.D., CEO
  • Juliet Asher, M.D.
  • Steven Citron, M.D.
  • Adrian Douglass, M.D.
  • Xavier Duralde, M.D.
  • Lila Hertz
  • Monica Hum, M.D.
  • Bertram L. Levy
  • Kathie McClure
  • Andy McGhee
  • Rashad Richey, Ed.D., Ph.D.
  • Brett Samsky
  • Dale Schwartz
  • Brian Thomas, M.D.

Senior Executive Leadership

Patrick Battey, M.D.
Patrick Battey, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts
Chief Operating Officer

Mark Cohen, M.D.
Mark Cohen, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Kelly Hulsey
Kelly Hulsey
Chief Nursing Officer


Sheryl Klink
Sheryl Klink
Chief Financial Officer

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