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Piedmont Athens Regional GME Program

1270 Prince Avenue, Suite 102
Athens, GA 30606

Wellness @ PARGME

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Fostering Oneself

The goal of “Fostering Oneself” is to provide everyone with support to ensure they are: 1) Meeting Their Basic Needs, 2) Building a Toolbox for Resiliency, and 3) Providing Support to Combat Daily Struggles.

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Fostering Connectedness

The goal of “Fostering Connectedness” is to build a community of residents, faculty and staff through events and shared experiences. Having everyone involved and connected will reduce burnout. It will also provide resources for residents to ask for help or guidance in difficult situations.

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Fostering Resources to Care

Piedmont Athens Regional, as an institution, is committed to the well-being of all employees and has developed strategies and resources to provide support to all employees.


PAR Tribes

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In 2020, PAR Graduate Medical Education recognized a need in the programs to develop a system to provide a family to each resident. With input from our faculty, residents, and staff, we developed the PAR Graduate Medical Education Tribal System.

It is built on the foundation of inclusion and is built upon relationships, not through hierarchy. The tribes are designed to promote communication and team-building within smaller groups of the program. Additionally, tribes compete against each other throughout the year to earn points toward the House Cup!

When issues arise within the program, it is initially addressed at the level of the ‘Tribal Council’, which comprises representatives from each tribe.

Each tribe is composed of:

  • 2 Tribal Elders (Faculty Members)
  • Chief & Vice Chief (Residents)
  • 12 Residents

Gallery: At Work & Play

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