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Piedmont Athens Regional GME Program

1270 Prince Avenue, Suite 102
Athens, GA 30606

Internal Medicine Residency Program

We are committed to the following beliefs and behaviors:

  • We respect each person, regardless of role or title, symptom or diagnosis, relationship or situation
  • We listen and observe with a mindset that assumes the best intentions of the speaker
  • We speak and share information in a professional manner, with courtesy and respect
  • We continually seek to explore ideas and expand knowledge, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives and health of those we touch
  • We are proud of the traditions and legacy of healthcare: the research, innovations and technologies that have led to so many breakthroughs
  • We are humbled by the disparity of healthcare quality and access, and we are committed to narrowing the gap
  • We believe that the best care is not necessarily the most costly care, and we look for resourceful ways to minimize costs and maximize outcomes
  • We are profoundly committed to safety and integrity: we speak up when we see or sense harm
  • We are accountable to ourselves, our teachers, our team and our patients
  • We are valuable team members: consistent, trustworthy, encouraging and engaged
  • We are leaders: taking initiative, inspiring others, transforming the future
  • We are compassionate always: curing many and comforting all
Catherine Apaloo, MD, FACP Dr. Catherine Apaloo, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Internal Medicine Program Director

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