Total Geriatric Support For Patients and Caregivers

Getting perspective on the challenges faced as we age has just become easier. Piedmont Healthcare’s Sixty Plus Services employs clinical social workers specializing in older adults and their caregiving families. The experience and understanding of these seasoned professionals are invaluable in helping to reach informed decisions about the many issues affecting older adults. Our social workers connect geriatric patients and their families with the right information to help maintain an optimum quality of life. They provide the following services:

  • Consultations for patients and their family caregivers
  • Home visits which include a patient assessment, recommendations, and educational materials
  • Guidance for planning ahead: housing options, in-home care, and referral to community resources
  • Strategies and tools for better communication between patients and their Piedmont Healthcare team

Sixty Plus Services are available throughout the Piedmont Healthcare system. It is a complimentary program that does not charge fees; however, tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated.

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