Dementia Support Program

When someone in the family is diagnosed with dementia, it can be difficult to know what to do. That’s when Piedmont Healthcare’s Sixty Plus Services can be of great help. Its dementia support program coaches families and patients through the emotional, physical, and financial challenges of dementia, whether it’s caused by Alzheimer’s disease or another type of cognitive decline. Since Sixty Plus Services started in 1987, staff have been helping families cope with a dementia diagnosis. We have Social Workers with years of training and expertise to help create a plan for each family we serve.

The Referral Process

Patients and families can be referred to Sixty Plus Services for dementia support from any source. Family members can call, or primary care physicians can refer patients who they’re concerned about. Neurologists and neuropsychologists also contact Sixty Plus about patients who have recently been diagnosed with dementia so that family support can be provided.

Patient Assessments

After a person is referred to Sixty Plus, the licensed Social Worker gathers information from the patient’s medical providers and family caregivers. Ongoing assessment and consultation may be done telephonically or in person. Sixty Plus Social Workers communicate with the person’s medical providers to develop a comprehensive and multidisciplinary plan.


Emotional Support

“Dementia can take a big toll on families,” Moira continues, “even causing the primary caregiver, whether it’s a spouse or adult child, to experience new physical symptoms of stress. We offer individual and family counseling as well as monthly caregiver support groups, all of which can ease family anxiety.”


Financial Resources

The financial implications of a dementia diagnosis are potentially enormous. Dementia care can be expensive, whether you employ private duty care in the home, elect adult day care or select a senior community such as assisted living or memory care. Many of our caregivers need education and support to navigate the care options. Sixty Plus often connects caregivers with elder law attorneys and public programs that may be able to help. Sixty Plus connects families with elder law attorneys and public assistance programs that may be able to help.

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