Orthopedic & Joint Replacement

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Patient Focused Care Improves Patient Experiences

If joint replacement surgery is the best treatment path for improved joint function, you can expect to be cared for by one of Piedmont’s highly specialized orthopedic care teams. The majority of patients that have a total hip or total knee procedure will be in the hospital for less than 3 nights with nearly half of all patients leaving after only 1 night in the hospital.

We have a philosophy at Piedmont Healthcare that focuses on both active pain management and ambulation, or movement. Our team gets patients moving soon after surgery which is important to help prevent post-operative blood clots and allow your body to start to get acclimated to its new joint.

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Strong Recovery and Optimal Healing

The Nursing Staff will be key in helping you with pain management and physical therapy specialists will teach you the exercises that you will continue at home. In addition, case management will help coordinate the appropriate equipment needs for you when you are at home. If a patient requires rehabilitation or skilled nursing services, case management will also help with coordinating these services.

The majority of your recovery will take place out of the hospital. Our goal is make sure you are prepared for your surgery, you have a safe experience during your stay and you leave with the knowledge of how to manage your pain as you get back to better.

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