Orthopedic & Joint Replacement

Sports Orthopedic Expertise 

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care for Athletes

If you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, our Piedmont orthopedic specialists provide expert care for a wide range of sports conditions and injuries, including: 

Back pain

Hip injury

  • Hip Labral tears

Knee Injury

Ankle Injury

  • Subluxation of the Peroneal tendons
  • OCD

Foot Injury

  • Forefoot pain
  • Hindfoot pain
  • Subluxation of the peroneal tendons
  • Posterior tibial tendonitis
  • Tarsal Tunnel syndrome



  • Tendon Rupture
    • Biceps
    • Triceps
  • Instability
    • Medial
    • Lateral
    • Elbow dislocation
  • OCD


  • Wrist Ligament Injury
  • Ulnar-sided wrist pain
    • Extensor Carpi Ulnaris tendonitis
    • TFCC tears
  • Hook of Hamate Fracture

Hand and Microvascular Surgery

  • Tendon Ruptures
  • Finger blisters in throwing athletes
  • Scaphoid fractures
  • Gamekeepers thumb (ulnar collateral ligament ruptures)
    • Acute
    • Chronic

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