Orthopedic & Joint Replacement

Joint School Provides Expert Education

Joint School is an opportunity for you to become an expert in your care. While your stay in the hospital will most likely be short, this is no small procedure. As you get back on the road to pain free life, the fastest road to recovery is determined by you. Piedmont Healthcare is committed to giving patients all of the tools and information needed to help you take control of your recovery. Together, we make the best care decisions possible for you.

Working Together for a Strong Recovery

Joint School is a place to meet with many of the professionals that will be involved in your time in the hospital and can help provide some of the resources and up front planning that can be done to help you during your recovery. We believe in the correlation between an informed patient and improved outcomes. If you have had a surgery in the past, we still encourage you to attend Joint School since the pain management, physical therapy and surgical techniques are ever evolving.

For More Information about Joint School

If you have not already been scheduled for Joint School, please view our virtual class schedule to attend Joint School from the comforts of your own home. Contact one of our navigators to determine if in-person Joint School is available at the hospital near you. Please arrange for your coach/caregiver to attend with you.


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