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Exercise is Medicine Testimonials

Irene Carpenter

Referred for Heart Failure

Irene Carpenter

I started the program at Piedmont at age 82 on Jan. 3, 2018 on the recommendation from my physician. At the time, I was experiencing several health issues, as well as a general feeling of tiredness and lack of energy. My inability to participate in the daily activities and functions that I was used to doing was also affecting my emotional well-being. My health issues included shortness of breath, lack of energy, elevated blood pressure, and general malaise. After seeing several doctors, my diagnoses included heart disease, and a build-up of fluid. I was unable to climb a single flight of stairs without being completely out of breath. I was walking with a cane and could barely take the dog out for her walks. I did not want to participate in any social occasions – it was too taxing physically and emotionally. After 6 months on the Exercise Is Medicine program at the Fitness Center of Piedmont Hospital, my symptoms have improved dramatically. My blood pressure is down, BMI is down, body fat is down, and I’ve lost 24 pounds. I can walk a mile on the treadmill in less than 20 minutes, whereas in January I could only walk slowly for a total of 5 minutes before needing to stop. My strength, balance and flexibility measurements have increased dramatically and I rarely need to use my cane to walk anymore. My sleep patterns are much better and my cpap has been lowered accordingly. My emotional well-being is much-improved and I am enjoying activities with family and friends again.

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