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Swimming for Fitness, Wellness and Recovery

We offer a variety of group swim classes. So whether you're looking for private swimming lessons, a fun work-out or a rehabilitative or wellness class, we have something for you. 

View & download the fitness pool class schedule.

Pool Class Descriptions

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program (AFAP) - Approved by the Arthritis Foundation, this class is designed to help maintain normal joint movement, relieve stiffness and restore flexibility.

Aqua Cardio Mix – Get the benefits of a high-energy calorie-burning workout without the pull of gravity on the body. Water reduces the impact on joints, specifically the knees and back yet retains all the general health benefits of regular exercise.

Aquatic Fibromyalgia – A cardiovascular, strength and flexibility workout with a relaxation component designed to support and empower an individual living with fibromyalgia.

Aquatic Spine Wellness - A specialized fitness program designed for back/neck pain relief and to condition, strengthen and support the muscles of the spinal column. This program is safe for both pre-op and post-operative patients.

Bariatric Aquatic Class – A non-strenuous, cardio water work-out designed to introduce Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery patients to safe exercise. This class focuses on aerobic exercise for endurance, resistance exercises for strength, and flexibility.

Club Water Walking - A non-strenuous, cardio water work out combining range-of-motion exercises and walking designed to increase muscular endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Oh Baby! Water Aerobics - This fun aqua workout will tone your body by using the water for resistance training. Additional benefits: your body will feel lighter and cooler, and water can help reduce swelling.

Recreational Aquatic Arthritis Plus (RAA+) - This class is designed to help maintain normal joint movement, relieve stiffness & restore flexibility with a cardiovascular training component.

Water Aerobics - An aerobics class in the water. The buoyancy of the water will provide a virtually impact-free cardiovascular workout, significantly reducing stress on the joints and muscle soreness. Note: the evening and Saturday classes are higher intensity and may not be suitable for beginners.

Group Swim Lessons – Group swim lessons are available for anyone 6 months and older. You can retrieve a schedule at the front desk. Call 404-351-5309 or email to register.

Private Swim Lessons – Private swim lessons are available for anyone 6 months and older. Visit for more details. Call 404-351-5309 or email to schedule private or semi-private (2 people).

Family Swim – Children have access to the lap pool during family swim. Note: the therapy pool is not open for family swim.

Physical Therapy – Indicates specific times the therapy pool is reserved for physical therapy use only.

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