Piedmont Oncology Provides Personalized Care for Lung Cancer

At Piedmont Oncology, planning for treatment begins as soon as a lung cancer diagnosis has been determined. Our lung cancer specialists work as a multidisciplinary team to provide individualized care through a personalized treatment approach. Lung cancer treatment may include a combination of therapies, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

We take a team approach to caring for patients with lung cancer. Our multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and navigators work together to provide personalized treatment for each patient. Treatment planning conferences are used to provide patients with treatment recommendations. 


Surgical Expertise 

Removal of tumor tissue by a thoracic surgeon is a common first step in treating many lung cancers. The usual goal of a surgical procedure is to remove all of the tumor tissue in an attempt to cure the patient’s cancer.

In some cases, surgery cannot remove all of the tumor; however, a biopsy using a needle or a small incision is the best approach to determine the detail of the cancer cells, the grade of the tumor and any genetic abnormalities that may have targeted therapies available. This information is then incorporated into an individualized treatment plan.


Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-energy X-rays to damage the DNA inside lung cancer cells. Piedmont’s radiation oncologists prescribe and administer the treatment using the latest technology. The radiation beam is centered on the site of the tumor or any cancerous cells remaining after surgery. While not painful, radiation treatments can cause fatigue or coughing.

Chemotherapy Treatments

Many different types of medications can be used to help control the growth of lung cancers. A medical oncologist prescribes these medications that can attack tumor cells directly or indirectly by controlling blood vessel growth or stimulating the immune system. These treatments usually follow surgery and radiation therapy.

Lung Cancer Clinical Trials at Piedmont Oncology

The newest treatment options are available to patients through lung cancer-specific clinical trials. Piedmont Oncology specialists review clinical trial options with patients during clinic visits.

Contact a Piedmont Lung Specialist

To make an appointment with a lung cancer specialist near you or for questions about treatment options, call 404-425-1800 or use our convenient Find a Doctor search.

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