You Are Not Alone: Oncology Nurse Navigators

Piedmont Oncology provides an opportunity to take the stress out of your cancer journey at a time when you need to focus your energy on treatment, recovery and survivorship. The Oncology Nurse Navigator team knows a cancer diagnosis is frightening and overwhelming. We are committed to doing what we can to lessen your fears and empower you to take charge of your health.

Piedmont Oncology Nurse Navigators are specially trained oncology nurses who help sort through your needs and provide you and your family with education and support, helpful information about hospital services and community resources and serve as a liaison between you and your health care team. 

There are multiple ways of successfully treating this disease, but that means you need more information to understand. Navigators help by explaining things in ways that can be easily understood and help you determine what questions to ask your doctors.

Oncology Nurse Navigators Help You and Your Family with:

  • Understanding your cancer and the treatment plan your physician prescribed
  • Communicating with your doctor and healthcare team 
  • Identifying questions to ask your healthcare professional 
  • Connecting you to Piedmont care providers 
  • Linking you to cancer resources and services at the hospital and in the community 
  • Coordinating and scheduling appointments 
  • Finding help with transportation and lodging 
  • Getting answers to financial and insurance questions 

Our Oncology Nurse Navigators provide personalized, compassionate care throughout your entire journey and are available to you at no charge. We encourage you to call us with your questions and learn more about your cancer and the treatments and services available.

For more information, contact the closest Oncology Nurse Navigator near you.

  • Piedmont Athens | Sandy Pyle, RN at 706-475-4900

  • Piedmont Athens Breast Cancer | Elizabeth Conway, RN at 706-475-5981

  • Piedmont Athens Breast Cancer | Susan Irwin, RN at 706-475-5518

  • Piedmont Athens Lung Cancer | Chasica Bankston at 706-475-5982

  • Piedmont Atlanta| Arrington Leitch, RN, BSN, CBCN, OCN at 404-425-7920

  • Piedmont Atlanta Brain Tumor Center | Laura Yang, RN at 404-605-6523

  • Piedmont Atlanta Lung Cancer | Brooke Bozeman, RN at 404-425-1776

  • Piedmont Atlanta Surgical Oncology and HPB | Sharmeen Jones, RN at 404-605-7100

  • Piedmont Augusta Breast Cancer | Kelly Cashin, BSN, OCN at 706-774-4147

  • Piedmont Augusta Breast Cancer | Megan Dabbs, RN, BSN, OCN, CBCN, at 706-774-4147

  • Piedmont Augusta Breast Cancer | Lesley Hill, RN, BSN, at 706-774-4153

  • Piedmont Augusta Breast Cancer/Survivorship | Ann Badke, RN, at 706-774-4119

  • Piedmont Augusta GI Cancer | Brooke Negrete, RN, BSN, at 706-774-8096

  • Piedmont Columbus John B. Amos Cancer Center - Breast | Mary E. Williams, RN, BSN, OCN at 706-320-8762

  • Piedmont Columbus John B. Amos Cancer Center - Lung | Nicole Martin, RN, BSN, OCN at 706-320-8615

  • Piedmont Fayette | Elaine Harbin, RN at 770-719-6098

  • Piedmont Fayette | Karen Bouwman, RN at 770-719-6095

  • Piedmont Henry | Mary Folsom, RN at 678-604-5392

  • Piedmont Macon | Kim Lewis, RN, OCN, ONN, CBCN at 478-765-4805

  • Piedmont Macon | Katherine Jones, BSN, RN, OCN at 478-765-4805

  • Piedmont Macon | Elaina H. Ramey, MSN, RN at 478-765-4805

  • Piedmont Newnan | Missy Kidd, RN at 770-400-4458

  • Piedmont Newnan | Stephanie Martin, RN at 678-378-0316

  • Piedmont Newton | Wendy Hankins, RN at 770-385-7826

  • Piedmont Newton | Heather McKern, RN at 770-385-4537

  • Piedmont Rockdale | Tamika Beaton, RN at 770-918-3133

  • Lung Cancer Screening | Michele Balos, RN at 404-605-5864

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