Board of Directors

Piedmont Healthcare, Inc. (PHC) is the parent company of Piedmont Rockdale Hospital and other subsidiary hospitals and corporations. The obligation of the PHC Board is to ensure that the resources and capacities of PHC are deployed in a manner that promotes community benefit and health status.

  • Rick Simons, Chair
  • Ethel R. Boyle
  • Michael Cecil, MD
  • James R. DeGive, MD
  • Vince Evans
  • Harold Jackson, MD
  • Frank Patton, MD
  • Al Sadler, Sr.
  • Richard Tanzella, CEO
  • Leslie West
  • Marty Wynn, CFO – ex-officio

Executive Leadership

  • Richard Tanzella, CEO
  • Blake Watts, COO
  • Marty Wynn, CFO
  • Dr. Lisa Gillespie, CMO
  • Eleanor Post, CNO
  • Marianne Freeman, VP, HR