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Piedmont Newton Visitor Information

Care Partner Policy (Updated June 3, 2021)

A Care Partner may be a relative, partner, friend or anyone (over age 18) that the patient chooses to have at their side during care. A Care Partner takes an active role in caring for their loved one in the hospital.

We encourage you to use digital resources connect with your loved ones in the hospital and to assist them in their care. Below are free resources that are available to use.

Virtual Visiting Resources


As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in our communities, and due to its sustained community transmission as a serious infections agent, Piedmont Newton Hospital has adopted a no visitor policy until further notice.

To best support the mental and emotional wellbeing of our patients, one care partner (i.e. a family member or caregiver) is permitted as follows:

  • One (1) care partner is permitted as follows:
    • One (1) care partner is permitted for an Emergency Department patient’s visit.
    • One (1) care partner is permitted for procedures, surgery, end-of-life, legal guardians and to accompany patients requiring assistance in navigating their visit for the inpatient and outpatient settings.
    • Two (2) support persons are permitted in Women’s Services Labor & Delivery department.
    • Patients are encouraged to use electronic means of visitation such as video call applications on cell phone or tablets.
    • Minors are not allowed (Under 18)
    • No care partners or support persons will be allowed in the outpatient imaging departments, including for screening mammography, CT, MRI, and ultrasound, unless the patient requires direct physical assistance or an invasive procedure is being performed.
    • No care partners will be allowed to enter the room of a COVID-19 confirmed case or a patient under investigation (PUI).
    • No care partners will be allowed in the room during aerosol producing procedures.
    • A patient’s essential support person may stay overnight with the patient unless otherwise directed.
    • Any person who has an increased risk from chronic conditions or comorbidities are advised not to visit.
  • Safety guidelines for essential support persons:
    • All care partners must pass the health/quarantine screen. Any person who does not pass the health screen will be required to leave the facility.
    • All care partners should follow respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette precautions.
    • All care partners must wear a face mask at all times.
    • All care partners should limit their movement within facility to decrease interaction with staff and the public.
    • Care partners with exposure to known or suspected COVID-19 patient should be advised to report any signs or symptoms of acute illness to their healthcare provider for a period of at least 14 days after the last known exposure to the sick patient.
  • Additional restrictions for Piedmont Healthcare (PHC) ambulatory visits:
    • Approved care partners may accompany the patient in the patient’s treatment room and must wear a face mask; however, they cannot be present in the patient’s room during aerosol producing procedures.
    • All other visitors must remain in the car outside of the waiting area.

Please understand that the decision to limit visitation to any of our patients was not made lightly. We strive to consistently deliver the safest, highest quality, patient-centered care and services to the community we are blessed to serve. We are committed to treating our patients and their care partners with the care and compassion that we would want for ourselves.

All workforce screened prior to start of workday/assigned shift at entrance, or upon reporting to their work unit/department, via temperature or via signs/symptoms quarantine screen that may include a temperature check as needed.

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