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Piedmont Fayette Visitor Information

Visitor Policy Guidelines (Updated September 21, 2020)

Piedmont Fayette will now allow one visitor per patient, per day, as long as the patient is not being treated for COVID-19. Sharing a visitation day is not permitted.

Effective Monday, Sept. 21, Piedmont Fayette will allow patients on inpatient units to have one visitor per day. The hospital’s emergency department will allow one visitor to accompany non-COVID patients. Outpatient services will allow one visitor to accompany a patient per visit. Patients and visitors arriving for lab or imaging procedures will receive a sticker with the day’s date after being screened. In Labor and Delivery, one identified support person will be allowed throughout the patient’s stay. In the NICU, only the mother and security band holder will be allowed. Visitation is allowed on these units 24/7. All visitors are required to wear a mask.

We encourage you to use digital resources connect with your loved ones in the hospital and to assist them in their care. Below are free resources that are available to use.

Virtual Visiting Resources


Visitation is restricted as follows:

  • Minors are not allowed (Under 18).
  • No visitors will be allowed to enter the room of a COVID-19 confirmed case or a patient under investigation (PUI).
  • No visitors will be allowed in the room during aerosol producing procedures.
  • Any person who has an increased risk from chronic conditions or comorbidities are advised not to visit.
  • All approved visitors need to follow the safety guidelines:
    • All visitors must pass the health/quarantine screen. Any visitor who does not pass the health screen will be required to leave the facility.
    • All visitors should follow respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette precautions.
    • All visitors must wear a face mask at all times.
    • All visitors should limit their movement within facility to decrease interaction with staff and the public.
    • Visitors with exposure to known or suspected COVID-19 patient should be advised to report any signs or symptoms of acute illness to their healthcare provider for a period of at least 14 days after the last known exposure to the sick patient.
  • Additional restrictions for Piedmont Healthcare (PHC) ambulatory visits:
    • Approved visitors may accompany the patient in the patient’s treatment room and must wear a face mask; however, they can not be present in the patient’s room during aerosol producing procedures.
    • All other visitors must remain in the car outside of the waiting area.

All workforce screened prior to start of workday/assigned shift at entrance, or upon reporting to their work unit/department, via temperature or via signs/symptoms quarantine screen that may include a temperature check as needed.

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