Community Relations & Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship application requests should be made with a minimum of six-weeks-notice. Applications are reviewed and responded to within 30 days of receipt. Due to receiving numerous requests and having limited sponsorship funds, we regret that Piedmont Fayette will be unable to accommodate every request.

Visit the funding & sponsorship request page for more information. Any questions about the application or the sponsorship request process should be directed to Paige Muh, Community Relations Manager, at or 770-719-5758.


Organization  *Contact Person  *Address  *Organization Website  *Contact Email  *Daytime Phone  *Sponsorship Amount Requested (Please provide sponsorship levels, if any)  *Brief Description of Organization's Purpose and Values  *Name and Description of Event/Program/Initiative (Include Online Links to Event & Information)  *Who will attend event/program?  *Who will benefit from event outcome?  *Brief description of health impact and expected outcome for target population  *What benefits will Piedmont Fayette receive from sponsorship?  *Please provide any history to demonstrate effectiveness of past events  *Years and amounts of previous Piedmont Fayette Hospital funding  *
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