Upright Tilt Table Test


What is an upright tilt table test?

An upright tilt table test at Piedmont Healthcare is designed for people with unexplained or near passing-out episodes. Sometimes these episodes are due to a response in the brain that causes an increase or decrease in heart rate and/or a drop in blood pressure while in an upright position. An upright tilt table test tries to recreate the passing out symptoms in a safe setting with a physician and nurses present.

An IV will be inserted in your hand or arm before the test. You will be placed on a specially designed table, and a machine will monitor your heart and blood pressure. The table will be tilted to an upright position with the physician present. During the test, you will not be tilted upside down, nor will the table spin around.

If you do not have any symptoms in the first stage of the test, you may be given medication in your IV called Isuprel, which increases the heart rate similar to your natural adrenaline. You will be asked frequently during the test how you are feeling. If you begin to feel dizzy or like you will pass out, safety straps on the table will prevent you from falling.

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