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Transplant Conditions

There are several diseases and medical conditions that could lead to the need for a transplant. 



End Stage Kidney Disease >

Conditions that may lead to acute or chronic renal failure may include... Learn more >

Kidney Failure >

End-stage renal disease is when the kidneys permanently fail to work... Learn more >

Polycystic Kidney Disease >

PKD is the fourth leading cause of kidney failure... Learn more >

Diabetic Nephropathy (or Diabetic Kidney disease) >

Nephropathy is the deterioration of the kidneys... Learn more >


Type 1 Diabetes >

Type 1 diabetes accounts for 5 to 10 percent of all diagnosed cases... Learn more >

Type 1 Diabetes and Kidney Failure >

The onset and progression of diabetic nephropathy can be slowed by... Learn more >

Diabetic Nephropathy (or Diabetic Kidney Disease) >

Treatment for diabetic nephropathy will be determined by your physician.... Learn more >

Hypoglycemia >

Hypoglycemia is a condition characterized by a low glucose (blood sugar) level... Learn more >


Chronic Viral Hepatitis (B, C, D) >

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver that results in liver cell damage... Learn more >

Alcoholic Liver Disease >

Caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and is a common, but preventable... Learn more >

Cirrhosis >

Chronic liver disease is marked by the gradual destruction of liver tissue.... Learn more >

Acute Liver Failure >

Acute liver failure happens when your liver begins to lose its ability to function... Learn more >

Metabolic (Genetic) Liver Disease >

Defects of the liver at birth usually affect the bile ducts... Learn more >


Chronic Heart Failure >

Heart failure, also called congestive heart failure... Learn more >

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