Access for Patients, Opportunities for Researchers

There are two key components at the core of every medical research initiative - patients and research professionals. At Piedmont Healthcare, we connect both groups - giving our patients access to ground-breaking therapies while helping our research partners conduct clinical trials that lead to new standards in medical care.

Highlights of Our Research Program

  • Piedmont Healthcare conducts a variety of clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas such as heart disease, cancer, transplant services, and surgery.  These research trials evaluate new medicines and technologies for screening, preventing, and treatment of disease.
  • Piedmont uses a multidisciplinary approach to research with physicians and medical professionals from a variety of specialized disciplines working in partnership to plan, implement, and manage clinical research trials.
  • Piedmont continues to lead the industry with the use of innovative and cost-effective diagnostic, preventive, and curative medical, interventional and surgical management for patients with disease. 
  • Piedmont takes an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach, providing ongoing care from admission to discharge, with continued follow-up.

Find out more about how Piedmont can help make the research connection - whether you're a patient or a medical research professional.

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