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Piedmont Newnan Patient Experience: HCAHPS

The graph below depicts an eight-quarter trend of patient experience scores for inpatient care at Piedmont Newnan Hospital.

This graph displays the overall rating of patient experience scores for HCAHPS at Piedmont Newnan Hospital.
National Average for Apr 2016 - Mar 2017: 73%

Note: Scores are based on the percentage of respondents that assigned the very best rating available. The teal green bars represent Piedmont Newnan Hospital's top box percentage. The red horizontal line represents the national average of all hospitals in the CMS database from the time period Apr 2016 - Mar 2017.

Survey Methods
Piedmont Healthcare contracts with Press Ganey Associates, Inc. to conduct the CMS-sponsored HCAHPS surveys. These surveys are mailed to randomly selected patients after discharge. Patients who elect to participate answer a series of questions rating their experiences on a four-point scale (Always, Sometimes, Usually or Never) in five categories, and in a category that assesses “Overall Rating of Hospital” (ten-point scale, 0 – 10), which is reflected in the graph above.

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