Spiritual Care at Piedmont Newnan

Professional Chaplains are responsible for providing spiritual and emotional support for patients, families, loved ones and hospital staff. Whether a person has a deep-seated faith, a questioning faith, or does not have an association with any religious tradition, chaplains are clinically trained to provide care and support, to be the person who can pull up a chair and stay. Chaplains are members of the interdisciplinary team, assessing patient’s needs in a variety of ways and shaping specific interventions to lower spiritual distress and increase resilience, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Chaplains provide, among other things:

  • Spiritual Support
  • Emotional care
  • Outreach to an individual’s particular clergy or place of worship, when requested
  • Support in the midst of difficult decisions and grief
  • A calm and non-judgmental presence
  • Care when experiencing fear, anger, anxiety or loss
  • Participation in family meetings when critical decisions are being made
  • Religious rituals

Spiritual Care is integrated into the life of Piedmont Newnan Hospital, with chaplains serving on committees, including the Ethics Committee. Piedmont Newnan Hospital currently has one full-time chaplain.

Chaplain services are available Monday through Friday. To get in touch with our hospital chaplain, please contact Spiritual Care Services at 770-400-2317.

The hospital chapel is located on the 1st floor across from the gift shop.

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