Piedmont Columbus Regional Pharmacy Residency Program Directors

Jamie Crossman, PharmD, BCACP

Jamie Crossman, PharmD, BCACP is the PGY1 Residency Director and PGY2 Ambulatory Care Residency Director. Dr. Crossman graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in Boston. She moved to Columbus, Georgia following graduation to complete an ambulatory care residency at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown. Her primary practice site is the Family Medicine Center where she has worked for the past 15 years. She also currently serves as the supervisor for several other clinical areas as well as an ambulatory care preceptor. She has been the PGY2 Residency director for 8 years and the PGY1 Residency Program Director since 2021, graduating her first residency class last year. Outside of work Dr. Crossman enjoys reading, photography, cooking and spending time with her family.


Josh Chestnutt, PharmD, BCCCP, BCPS

Josh Chestnutt, PharmD, BCCCP, BCPS is the PGY2 Critical Care Residency Director. Dr. Chestnutt graduated pharmacy school from Auburn University and completed at PGY1 Pharmacy residency at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown in 2006. His primary practice area is in Medical-Surgical and Neuro Critical Care. Dr. Chestnutt has been actively involved in the residency programs for the past 15 years and has served as the critical care program director since 2017. Outside of work he enjoys learning about wellbeing techniques to help live longer and raising kids.


Matt McAllister, PharmD BCCCP

Matt McAllister, PharmD BCCCP is the Residency Coordinator. Dr. McAllister graduated from Drake University and completed is PGY1 pharmacy residency at Piedmont Columbus Regional Midtown in 2012 and his PGY2 in Emergency Medicine at University of Florida Jacksonville. Following PGY2, Dr. McAllister returned to Piedmont as the clinical pharmacist for emergency medicine. In 2021, Dr. McAllister transitioned in to the Clinical Coordinator role while still maintaining his practice in emergency medicine. Additionally, he serves as the residency coordinator. Outside of work he enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his family.

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