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Piedmont Columbus Regional Ethics and Compliance

The Ethics and Compliance Program is approved by the Piedmont Columbus Regional (PCR) Board of Directors and is applicable to all affiliates, employees, board members, consultants, volunteers and agents who align with Piedmont Columbus Regional. The Ethics and Compliance Department is comprised of a highly qualified team who oversees the implementation of and the day-to-day operations of the hospital's comprehensive Ethics and Compliance Program. The objective of the corporate ethics and compliance team is to provide proactive leadership in the establishment of a credible, system-wide program that fosters the highest ethical behavior and effectively prevents, detects, corrects and reports violations of governmental regulations, organization policies and professional standards.

The Ethics and Compliance Program includes:

  • Communicating compliance and ethical conduct through the Code of Conduct, and company policies and procedures.
  • Increasing awareness through ethics and compliance training.
  • Providing a means to report possible misconduct through a confidential Ethics and Compliance HOTLINE and/or direct communication with a member of the Ethics and Compliance Team.
  • Monitoring and auditing to promote compliance with laws, regulations and the Code of Conduct as well as monitoring the effectiveness of relative policies and the program in its entirety.
  • Organizational support which includes but is not limited to necessary committees, responsible senior leaders and individuals who coordinate ethics and compliance. Support and guidance by a diverse, well-educated and compliance knowledgeable Board of Directors.

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