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Warren and Walter Brown

Identical twins share same cancer diagnosis

Identical twin brothers Warren and Walter Brown, 67, have a lot in common – academic degrees, career paths, and similar looks – but they never imagined sharing the same cancer diagnosis.

“People ask sometimes what it’s like being a twin,” says Walter. “I say, ‘It’s all I ever knew.’”

Growing up, they shared a competitive spirit.

“As far as academics, he always did a little bit better,” says Warren. “Maybe I was a little bit better in basketball.”

A shared cancer diagnosis  

Warren was diagnosed with prostate cancer first. Just months after his twin’s diagnosis, Walter learned he, too, had prostate cancer.

They both underwent 44 sessions of radiation therapy with radiation oncologist Geetha Rao, M.D.

“When you have cancer, you need people to treat you with respect,” says Warren. “And they do here. That was the thing I was really appreciative of. I had to go through 44 treatments, but the people here were just so nice and professional, and knew what they were doing.”

The brothers encourage other men to get checked out by a doctor if they suspect something is wrong.

“A lot of men traditionally don’t want to go see the doctor, but if you have a medical problem [and you wait], generally things get worse,” says Walter. “Time is not your ally. Seek good, qualified treatment.”

To learn more about prostate cancer treatment options, visit Piedmont Cancer Center

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