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Men ask about their sexual health.

8 things men should know about their sexual health

Nikhil Shah, D.O., a urologist at Piedmont, answers the most common – and personal – questions men ask about their sexual health.

How many times a week is it “normal” to have sex?

Based on the latest data, couples have sex two to six times a month or once a week, on average.

Is there a health benefit to having sex?

“The main health benefit is intimacy with your partner,” says Dr. Shah. “You’re experiencing a release of stress, you’re getting rid of anxiety, you’re getting closer as a partnership, plus there are additional benefits to prostate health and sexual function. You’re exercising the plumbing.”

Why aren’t men having enough sex?

Lack of intimacy in their relationship and lack of time are the primary reasons men give for not having enough sex, he says.

What can couples do to improve intimacy?

“Couples can improve intimacy by working on communication and spending quality time together,” says Dr. Shah.

How long does the average sexual encounter last?

The average sexual encounter usually lasts somewhere between 14 and 30 minutes. “But a more important question is the actual penetration time,” says Dr. Shah. “The national average is two minutes.”

What should men do if they have a decreased desire for sex?

“If a man feels he has a decreased desire for sex, the first thing he should do is look at the symptoms,” he says. “That could mean a loss of libido; it could mean that he needs to seek professional attention with a healthcare provider.”

Are you ever too old to have sex?

“We have men all the way up into their 80s who are still very active in their relationship and want to have intimacy,” he says. “The only time that you should not have sex is if your doctor says you should not have sex.”

What 5 things should every man know?

“There are five key things that every man should know if they’re over the age of 40,” explains Dr. Shah.

Men should know the following numbers:

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